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Music Is Here 是一個附屬 [音樂人音樂事] ( 的 FB 群組,主要目的是:

1. 推廣香港現場音樂表演, 如 gigs, 音樂會, 音樂節, 及 其他 音樂活動 , 主要以非主流音樂為優先,

2. Music is Here 提供音樂爱好者尋找不同類型的非主流音樂活動 的平台. 如爵士, 古典, 搖滾, 藍調, 獨立音樂, 及其他有關音樂活動等

3. 會員可直接上載有關音樂活動資料. 經審閱後, 便會加到 Music Is Here 群組 。

“Music Is Here” is a FB group created by

The main purposes of this group are:

1. To promote a variety of Hong Kong’s Live Music events such as Concerts, Music Festivals, Shows, Gigs etc. However, our main priory is to focus on non commercial music.

2. “Music Is Here” is also a music event guide for music lovers. Within here, you can locate different kinds of non-commercial music events such as Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues and Indie music etc.

3, Members are welcome to freely submit their music event posts to within group and upon permission is granted, their event will be posted on “Music Is Here”.