Amazing Guitars 2017

Amazing Guitars 2017 (Part 1)

This year Amazing Guitars will have a varies style of Guitar shows from Feb. to Jul. 2017 at Fringe Dairy

For Amazing Guitars 2017 Part 1, We have 5 group of Artists playing many different styles of guitar music. (2nd part of Amazing Guitars 2017 will be announced ASAP)

For our 1st show on Feb 24, MAYIGI YUE (Fusion Guitar). A well known young Female guitarist Miyagi Yue from Japan together with HK top musicians. On April 22. EUGENE PAO (Jazz Guitar).The great Jazz guitarist of HK. On May 19. TOMMY CHUNG (Blues Guitar). The Blues Man of HK. On Jun 17. SURFING HOLIDAY (Surf Guitar). A very interesting group blending improvisation with Surf Rock Music. On Jul 15, JASON KUI (Rock Guitar). The best Rock Guitarist in HK. See you in Amazing Guitars 2017.

Amazing Guitars 2017 又来了! 在上半年節目有来自日本及本地著名結他手参與,表演地点設在中環藝穗會。

24/2 ….. “融合” 結他音樂….. 由来自日本著名女結他手 “宮城由泳” 及本地樂手組合演出 。 22/4 ….”爵士” 結他音樂… 由本地最有代表性爵士結他手 “包以正” 及其組合演出。 19/5… “藍調” 結他音樂…. 由本地著名藍調之王 “Tommy Chung” 及其組合演出 。 17/6…. “滑浪” 結他音樂…. 唯一將滑浪音樂融合即興演出的樂隊, “Surfing Holiday” 演出 。 15/7…. “摇滾” 結他音樂…. 由本地頂尖年青搖滾結他手 “Jason Kui” 及其組合演出 。 總共五場不同型格結他音樂!萬勿錯過! Amazing Guitars 2017 即將與你們見面!


Amazing Guitars 2017